TS Bank Institute

The TS Bank Institute, established in 2009, is a foundation committed to creating a stronger, more financially, savvy future generation through a K-12 financial literacy program. The TS Bank Institute vision is to extend this program to state and regional levels.

What are the pillars of the TS Bank Institute?

Economic Forecasting, Professionals Training for Business Owners/Managers, Economic Development, Economic and Monetary Policy Influence, Financial Services and Support for Charitable organizations, Financial Intelligence (Literacy)…Read More

What inspired its creation?

Some talk their whole lives about what they will do when they have a chance. We work our whole lives to do things NOW… Read More

What's covered in the curriculum?

The student bank is designed to introduce the economic concept of saving money at an early age and reinforce the idea throughout the elementary curriculum… Read More

How do I:

  • Get my school involved?
  • Get my business involved?
  • Make a financial contribution?

Contact a TS Bank representative for these details and more.