Investment Strategies

At TS Bank, we know that no two investors are the same. You have a set of goals and circumstances that are uniquely your own. We work with you to build an investment strategy that fits your specific situation.

Here are a few examples of investment strategies we offer and a general guide as to how we would manage that situation. These are hypothetical portfolios and are not indicative of any specific situation. Individual results will vary.

Aggressive Growth

Equity: 100%

Bonds: 0%

This portfolio is suitable for growth-oriented investors willing to assume relatively high risk for potentially greater returns. This investor should have a long-time horizon and be able to resist overreacting to inevitable market fluctuations.


Equity: 85%

Bonds: 15%

This portfolio is suitable for investors who have a preference for growth and who can withstand significant fluctuations in market value.

Moderate Growth

Equity: 65%

Bonds: 35%

This portfolio is suitable for investors who want the potential for capital appreciation and some growth, and who can withstand moderate fluctuations in market value.

Conservative Growth

Equity: 50%

Bonds: 50%

This portfolio is suitable for investors who place considerable value on a significant and relatively stable income stream with a secondary requirement for wealth enhancement.


Equity: 25%

Bonds: 75%

This portfolio is suitable for investors who are either very conservative or require a significant level of income from their investments. They want low volatility and a low probability of substantial capital losses.

Not FDIC Insured. No Bank Guarantee. May Lose Value.

Not a Deposit. Not Insured by Any Federal Government Agency.