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TS Bank

Since 1923, TS Bank has been helping communities grow and prosper. Early in the company's history, a powerful realization was made: community banking is key to community success. An essential part of a community's success is the strength of their small businesses.

The bank has been able to help local businesses grow, create local jobs, give neighbors fulfilling work, establish a goal to generate profits to be donated, and teach community members about financial literacy. And we wish for this to continue. At TS Bank, we are more than a community bank; we are a community prosperity engine.

Our sole mission is to create community prosperity in all the communities we serve and at TS Bank that is part of everyone's responsibility.

The bank has been able to help local businesses grow, create local jobs, give neighbors fulfilling work, establish a goal to generate profits to be donated, and teach community members about financial literacy.

REV - Ignite Your Business

REV is a pitch competition that enables entrepreneurs and start-up business owners the chance to win up to $25,000 to better their business. TS Bank partners with local thought leaders and entrepreneurs to judge applicants pitches, focusing on marketing, business overall, investment and exit strategy.

Individuals who apply and are accepted will have ten minutes to pitch their business concepts to a panel four of judges at the preliminary event held every October. Five applicants will move on to compete in the finale.

Applications are due October 1 of every year. Please check back in August to find the 2017 application form. 

Below are the top five small businesses that participated in the 2016 REV finale event at the Iowa Western Community College Main Stage Theater on Thursday, December 1. Each business competed for the chance to win up to $27,500.

2016 Top 5 Businesses - A software-as-a-service payment platform, design to ensure fair and reliable payment exchange for the construction industry and its affiliates. received $10,000 to help their business.

FliteBrite - An electronic serving system designed to bring craft beer flights to life and created a more connected customer experience. Flitebrite received $10,000 at REV to help their business. 

Terva - A website that allows users to find farmland for sale or rent, changing the way people connect to conduct farmland real estate transaction. Terva received $5,000 at REV to help their business. 

Wicked Caramel Apples - Hand-dipped, gourmet caramel apples in various flavors and assortments for any occasion! Wicked Caramel Apples received $2,500 at REV to help their business. 

BEX USA - A competitively-priced premium lubricant alternative to more expensive brands

Hear from the 2015 finalists

“The variety of local businesses and the unique pursuits of each presenter were pretty inspiring.  Whether it was a small town grocery store, gourmet popsicles, or engineers helping people pursue their dreams-all the teams were generally excited to have the opportunity to build businesses that support the local area.”  - Andy Holz, Co-founder of Zinna

Zinna, An online site for purchasing flowers, Zinnia had plans to further their technological platform, with a mission “to utilize technology to make flower buying simpler, more affordable, and more personal.” This small business was awarded $5,000.

“Anyone wanting to enter the REV competition should take the time to look deep and see what really works for their business, and what doesn’t. When you really think about what you can do, or do better than your competition, this is when you really get the chance to shine, and improve your bottom line. This introspection isn’t something that you might do otherwise, but take the time, and make the most of it.”  - Tom Mulholland, Owner of Mulholland Grocery

Mulholland Grocery, Inc., This fourth generation, small town grocery store strives to maintain its future in a world of big business, by expanding its department offerings. This small business was awarded $5,000.

“I enjoyed working with TS Bank so much that I moved my personal and business checking account to the Council Bluffs branch. I feel that TS Bank truly wants to see small businesses flourish and grow and have proven through this event that they are here to support us and help us reach the next level."  – Jenna King, Owner of Stickalicious Pops

Stickalicious Pops, A healthy alternative to the everyday Popsicle, Stickalicious Pops uses locally sourced, fresh ingredients. Stickalicious was the leading small business and was awarded $6,500!

Watch the recap video of the 2015 REV (TS Bank Tank) finale here.

Please call TS Bank at 712.487.3000 and ask for Rachel Cain if you have any questions about this event.