TS Bank: A Long History of Growth

About TS Bank

TS Bank’s mission is to Ignite Prosperity® in the communities it serves. TS Bank reinvests 10 percent of its net income locally; hosting educational events and partnering with organizations and non-profits. TS Bank was chartered in 1923 and has $365 million in assets, along with the largest Iowa state-chartered C-Corp trust department west of Des Moines at nearly $226 million in assets. Branch locations include Treynor, Macedonia, Council Bluffs, Atlantic, Corning and Ames, Iowa.


In 1902, TS Bank was opened in Treynor, Iowa which became a chartered bank in 1923. Since then, TS Bank has continued to expand with additional locations in southwest Iowa and now central Iowa. 

mick guttau and bank employees in the 1970s


TS Bank's first step in growth was in the year 2000, opening a new location in Macedonia, Iowa. Macedonia is a town 11 miles southeast of Treynor. The small town had a bank that changed hands multiple times before TS Bank came into town. TS Bank hired the former bank's employee, Vicki Putnam, to work at the new branch. The building was remodeled, bringing back some of the original look and feel, including removing a lowered ceiling and restoring arched windows. 

HyVee - Council Bluffs

In November of 2005, TS Bank opened a branch inside of the Madison Avenue Hy-Vee grocery store located at 1745 Madison Avenue, where interstate 80 meets Madison Avenue in Council Bluffs. This was TS Bank's first location in Council Bluffs and the Omaha MSA. 

West Broadway - Council Bluffs

In March of 2013, TS Bank opened its first free-standing location in Council Bluffs located at 3201 W Broadway. This location features two drive-thru lanes and includes an exterior ATM. 


In December of 2015, TS Bank opened a new bank location in Atlantic, Iowa. TS Bank purchased a building that formerly housed an insurance agency located at 1005 E 7th Street and remodeled the space before opening. This location features an exterior video ATM, the first technology of its kind, in the drive-thru. 


In August of 2016, TS Bank acquired Okey-Vernon First National Bank in Corning, Iowa from Blue Grass Bancorporation, Inc., with banking assets of $85 million. With this acquisition came a wonderful group of long-time employees who still remain at the bank today. This location features a walk-up and drive-thru along with a video ATM and regular 24 hr. ATM.

Downtown - Council Bluffs

In October of 2016, TS Bank opened its downtown location at 43 Scott Street in Council Bluffs, Iowa. The four-story building houses not only the first-floor bank, but the company's trust department, TS Prosperity Group, on the fourth floor. This location features a video ATM drive-thru. 


TS Bank is working on its eighth location in Ames, Iowa at 402 Lincoln Way. Currently, the location has initially opened as a loan production office but has aspirations of growing into a full-service branch location someday in the future. 

What is TS Prosperity Group?

TS Bank has had a trust department since the beginning, however, new life was breathed into the department in 2014. And then in 2016, the division was branded to TS Prosperity Group. The team now focuses on investment management and fiduciary care for its clients. TS Prosperity Group serves the midwest, with locations in Iowa, North Dakota and Illinois through its business partners from the fourth floor of the TS Bank location at 43 Scott Street in Council Bluffs, Iowa. 

What is Collins Consulting?

Collins Consulting is a tax and accounting firm, was originally started in 1970 by Norm Collins in Treynor, Iowa. Seeing incredible growth through word-of-mouth referrals, the company continued to grow and now serves clients across the United States. In August of 2018, TS Banking Group acquired Collins Consulting as a wholly-owned subsidiary as Norm began preparing for his retirement. The Collins Consulting team has fully integrated within the TS Banking Group after moving into the TS Bank building located at 15 E Main Street in Treynor, Iowa and has continued to grow. 

TS Banking Group

The TS Banking Group is a joint venture between Treynor Bancshares, Inc., the bank holding company of TS Bank, with banking assets of $437 million; and the newly formed bank holding company, TS Contrarian Bancshares, Inc., with banking assets of $560 million. Additionally, the trust departments within TS Banking Group, one with national trust powers, manage $226 million in assets-under-management. The TS Banking Group and two affiliated bank holding companies are headquartered in Treynor, Iowa, near the Omaha, Nebraska MSA.

The TS Banking Group is a dedicated community banking group focused on upholding a community bank management philosophy with the purpose of acquiring community banks in the upper midwest. The overall objective of the acquisition strategy is to expand an organization with a client-focused operating efficiency that allows for the long-term prosperity of community banking. To achieve this goal the TS Banking Group must: one, preserve the "local touch" at each community bank by allowing the acquired bank to focus their efforts on serving their clients and communities where they are located, and two, harness the power of a multi-bank operating group to provide a high level of technology, risk management and financial management.

Other banks within the TS Banking Group include The Bank of Tioga in North Dakota along with First National Bank and Trust Company in Illinois.