Nonprofit Investment Management: Long-Term Sustainability for Your Nonprofit

Investment Management Overview

We serve our nonprofit and government entity clients through risk management first and return second: a philosophy contrary to the industry’s perspective. By leveraging our differentiated approach to risk and utilizing a rigorous and disciplined method to selecting investments, our clients can experience long-term results that align with their expectations. 

Using a holistic approach to investing, we manage our nonprofit client’s growing investments through a risk-conscious focus on their investments. We partner to create and sustain investment health by meeting with executive team members along with board members to learn about the non-profit’s goals, mission and hopes for growing their investments. TS Prosperity Group uses this knowledge to create a customized strategy to dramatically reduce the risk of the portfolio without giving up long-term returns.

We look at our relationships with nonprofits as a true partnership. Our nonprofit clients receive priority community reinvestment dollars along with volunteer service hours. We align our impact with your impact as a vital piece of the thriving communities we serve.  

Nonprofit Investment Management Services

Here are the nonprofit investment management services TS Prosperity Group can help your nonprofit or government entity with:

  • Investment management
  • Endowment management

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Our Investment Management Process

Our process begins and ends with you. Serving clients successfully for more than 90 years has taught us we must always keep your goals top of mind. We are proud of our ability to leverage all of TS Prosperity Group’s unique collective insight and philosophies to build an investment risk and return strategy based on our clients’ unique position and objectives. Here’s our simple process for establishing a nonprofit investment management relationship:

  1. Call to schedule an appointment
  2. Attend a 60-minute discovery meeting
  3. Attend a 60-minute solution meeting
  4. Complete account opening paperwork
  5. Account funding

We will meet regularly to assess your portfolio's performance against market benchmarks to provide an objective evaluation of how well we performed and to learn how we can better serve you.

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Partner with TS Prosperity Group for Exceptional Investment Risk Management Services

When our team leverages our differentiated approach to risk and utilizes a rigorous and disciplined method to selecting investments, our clients experience results that align with their long-term financial goals. If you’re ready to discover the benefits of an investment management relationship with TS Prosperity Group, set up your initial discovery meeting today.

Discovery meetings are designed to determine if an investment management relationship is the right fit for both you and our team. We’ll spend time getting to know you, your story and your goals, and you’ll be able to ask us questions about our process. These meetings typically last approximately 60 minutes. Reach out to our team today or call to make an appointment: 844-487-3115.

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