Community Reinvestment: Giving

We believe reinvesting in the communities we serve is as important as the products and services we provide. Giving is one of our company’s nine core principles and one we’ll always stand behind. Together we make a difference. We encourage others to live generously and pay it forward.

The Napkin Story

In 2007, Mick, Judy and Josh Guttau sat down for lunch to discuss how much the company should reinvest in its communities and did a blind test – writing down a percentage on a napkin.  When they flipped them over, each one had the same amount – 10 percent. That became TS Bank’s commitment – 10 percent of the bank’s pre-tax income would be given back to the communities we serve annually, and those dollars are reinvested locally.

Mick and Judy’s dream is now amplified through the over 180 employees that work for the overall company. The Guttau family has encouraged employees to be part of something bigger and to truly live for others. They inspire others to give back in various ways – whether that be financially, through volunteer hours or board service.

Our Promise

Each employee, client and community member has been the fiber of our success and the reason we can continue to reinvest 10 percent of the bank's pre-tax income back into the communities. The reinvestment is made in the form of sponsorships, grants to local nonprofits and educating our local youth through our financial literacy efforts. We also allot 50 hours of volunteer time off for employees annually. Since 2007, TS Bank has reinvested over $4 million and last year alone TS Bank employees volunteered over 1,616 hours. It takes many hands to make a great community and a great company – we promise to continue to do our part for both!

Key Focus Areas

We align our community reinvestment activity toward community organizations who are striving to improve an array of needs in our community through:

  • Financial literacy resources
  • Economic development and revitalization
  • Affordable housing
  • Social, civic and human services
  • Youth and faith-based opportunities
  • Community cultural development

Financial Literacy Resources

TS Bank started a financial literacy-arm called TS Institute, serving as a resource to help families handle decisions concerning the economy, education and most importantly, personal finance. One way our employees assist with this mission is through programs like Junior Achievement. Junior Achievement (JA) inspires youth to make smart academic and economic choices while learning about entrepreneurship, savings and their community. Read more about our financial literacy efforts here.

Economic Development and Revitalization

We believe our communities are only as strong as our small businesses. Our local economies help employ our neighbors and families, and keep main street strong. We love to work with those who help local businesses start, grow and create jobs. Investing in main street programs, economic development corporations and sustaining REV, TS Bank’s pitch competition for startup business, are a few ways we help retain community growth. Read more about REV here.

Affordable Housing

Access to stable, workforce ready and affordable housing are needs in each of our markets and any vibrant community. It is our desire to collaborate with organizations who can help remove barriers and increase opportunities for those in need of quality, affordable housing.

Social, Civic and Human Services

We have the desire to help each individual and family build a healthy and thriving life by collaborating with organizations in social and human services as well as civic nonprofits who cultivate change. Other needs such as affordable daycare and transportation accessibility are also quality of life essentials for a vibrant community.

Youth and Faith-Based Opportunities

To make an impact on our young people and help enrich their mind, body and soul is of upmost importance to TS Bank.

Community Cultural Development

We are committed to collaborating with organizations who help enhance unique quality of life amenities including culture, arts and entertainment in our various communities.

Additionally, we pride ourselves in sharing resources with our local nonprofit organizations, leaders and board of directors. Be sure to ask about our nonprofit services and read about those looking to do more with their gift for generations. 

Additional Ways We Give Back

TS Prosperity Group® and Collins Consulting also give back.

TS Prosperity Group

The MICAH House, Children’s Square, SHARE Omaha, 4 Corners Community Foundation, Community Foundation for Western Iowa and Omaha Community Foundation are close community partners and organizations the TS Prosperity Group helps support and sponsor.

Collins Consulting

Collins Consulting is dedicated to community excellence and a proud sponsor of Treynor Days, Shred Day and any community parade!

Examples of Community Partnerships

Pottawattamie Arts Culture and Entertainment

Pottawattamie Arts Culture and Entertainment (PACE) is a non-profit based in Council Bluffs, Iowa and is an example of an organization who enhances unique quality of life amenities including culture, arts and entertainment. TS Bank has had the opportunity to provide a bridge loan for up to $6.5 million in financing for the renovation and expansion of PACE and construction funding management, as well as a $25,000 gift. 

Children's Square USA

TS Bank employees have helped the children living at Children's Square celebrate Christmas for the last eight years. Children’s Square is an emergency shelter for displaced children (usually temporary) until placement into foster care. TS Bank began this event the year after CEO, Josh Guttau and his wife, Shelly, adopted their oldest daughter from Children’s Square. Each year, the Guttau's encourage TS Bank employees to spread the word about the increasing need for foster care and considering giving the gift of a home to the kids at Children’s Square and other shelters. 

For many of these events, TS Bank Board Chairman, Mick Guttau, dresses as Santa, and his wife Judy Guttau, dresses as Mrs. Claus to deliver Christmas gifts to the children at Children's Square in Council Bluffs, Iowa. Each year TS Bank employees purchase gifts for the children at the shelter during the holidays.

TS Bank continues to be an annual sponsor along with supporting the spiritual life program, and received a Jason Award in 2016 for its efforts. Since 2014, TS Bank has donated nearly $20,000 to Children’s Square in addition to hosting the Christmas celebration with employees, now in its sixth consecutive year.


Since 2014, TS Bank has donated more than $45,000 to the MICAH House. In 2018, CEO Josh Guttau and daughter Shianne served as co-chairs of their capital campaign, Shelter Reimagined. Their story was shared on multiple news sources to help spread the word about the MICAH House.

Small Business Gap Financing

In early 2020, TS Bank participated in the SBA PPP Program with over $2M in loans, assisting many nonprofits and helping protect over 2,060 paychecks.

Additionally, TS Bank collaborates with Advance Southwest Iowa in the program REV, a live pitch event for startup businesses to earn more capital. TS Bank is contributing $5,000 to the program. Read more about REV here.

The Nebraska Enterprise Fund, a community development financial institution (CDFI), has expanded its chapter to SWI Enterprise Fund. The fund will offer direct loans to businesses and fill financing gaps in participation with other lenders and programs. The SWI Enterprise Fund also assists in entrepreneurial training and business development services. TS Bank employees were intricately involved in getting this jumpstarted. Read more about this here.

The Corning Hotel is nearing completion for a grand opening in fall 2020. TS Bank was one of 46 investors of the $3.1 million project in 2019, chipping in $50,000.

AMP For Neighborhoods

Council Bluffs

Since 2021, TS Bank has partnered with The 712 Initiative in Council Bluffs, collaborating with thought leaders, nonprofit organizations and community members to help local neighborhoods with a program called AMP for Neighborhoods. AMP was created to focus on direct homeowner projects, neighborhood block initiatives and opportunities with down payment assistance.

In 2021, recipients in the Council Bluffs area were awarded a grand total of $253,887.04 in prize money for their particular project. Original funding came from several local businesses, and thanks to an anonymous donor the program received a major boost in its inaugural year. With the ongoing partnerships and the generosity of this donor, the AMP program will continue to thrive in the years to come. To learn more about AMP for Neighborhoods in Council Bluffs, visit here.


In 2021 and 2022, TS Bank partnered with SHIFT ATL in Atlantic, collaborating with thought leaders, nonprofit organizations and community members to help local neighborhoods with a program called AMP for Neighborhoods. AMP was created to focus on direct homeowner projects, neighborhood block initiatives and opportunities with down payment assistance. A total of $9.500 has been awarded to date. To learn more about AMP for Neighborhoods in Atlantic, visit here.

Community Grants

Community grants are funded on a budgeted basis on October 30th of each year. Our first preference is given to the following areas:

  • Youth activities through community* organizations
  • Charitable organizations serving communities in which bank employees serve in leadership
  • Organizations that have or are developing a banking relationship with TS Bank
  • Faith based organizations and heart-felt gifts
  • Community services for low to moderate income families as well as geographies above 50 percent free and reduced school lunch program

How do I request a grant from TS Bank? 

A small fund is set aside for new requests that qualify and are distributed on a first come, first serve basis during the fiscal year. To be considered, applications for the fiscal year (July-June) need to be submitted by May 15.

Download grant request form 

"When you drink from the well, remember the well digger." – Chinese Proverb

*The community, for giving back, is defined as the market area where TS Bank's branches are located.