Connecting with Community: Our Mission

TS Bank is moving in ways, which by industry standards, are contrary to what many believe a community bank can be. It all comes down to one mission. TS Bank’s mission is to Ignite Prosperity®. We strive to Ignite Prosperity by helping people transform their lives, educating to increase financial knowledge, developing and investing in our employees and living generously with both our time and resources. Years ago, Mick, Judy and Josh sat down to determine the organization’s giving strategy at lunch. After turning over their restaurant napkins, they all agreed going forward, 10 percent of any pre-tax profits would be reinvested into the communities they serve.

This concept of community banking then traveled to North Dakota and Illinois through the bank holding company’s acquisition plan. With the same model and mission to Ignite Prosperity, the continued goal is to help change lives and communities across the midwest.

As a mission-driven organization, employees find strength in the company’s story and are motivated to DO MORE GOOD. We know for every penny saved, for every first home purchased and for every family farm used as collateral for a new opportunity, we are helping people fulfill their dreams. Our goal is to help our clients meet theirs.

Mick and Judy’s dream is now amplified through the over 170 employees that work for the overall company. The Guttau family has encouraged us to be part of something bigger and to truly live for others. They inspire us to give back in any way we can – whether that be financially, through volunteer hours or board service.

We help our clients transform their lives.
We increase financial knowledge in our community.
We develop and invest in our employees.
We live generously both with our time and resources.

Together, we can truly Ignite Prosperity. We invite you to become part of our mission.

At TS Bank, we are more than a community bank; we are a community prosperity engine.  

"Ignite" defined as "to evoke emotion, to excite, to set in motion," and "prosperity" defined as "to thrive or cause to succeed" and, from the Latin prosperåre to succeed, from prosperus fortunate; (i.e.) "PRO" means (FOR) + spés means (HOPE) is what Ignite Prosperity® means to TS Bank. We are for hope!

Our Outreach Efforts

TS Bank is all about community. Our goal is to ignite long-term community prosperity and we do this through a number of outreach efforts. 

Financial Coaching

We care about each community member’s individual situations and our coaching team wants to hear your story. Is managing money a struggle, need help with saving habits or information on how credit works? Our team has the resources for you. Talk to one of our financial coaches one-one-one about personal finance, money management, budgeting, setting goals, debt and more. If you or someone you know is needing help or experiencing hardship this season, please take a moment to reach out to us. Also, we have the ability to meet virtually!

Community Engagement

In the United States today, families are faced with critical financial decisions now more than ever. We are a resource to help individuals and families handle decisions concerning the economy, education and most importantly, personal finance with expertise. Our teams speak to different audiences in the community and try to meet them where they are. We've partnered with the MICAH House, Ameri-Serve and other organizations to provide community engagement.

Classroom Learning

We believe financial knowledge begins at a young age. We created an entire division committed to creating a stronger, more financially savvy future generation through student (K-12) financial literacy education. We believe in a long-term approach to hopefully help create a more financially savvy future generation. Our team trains teachers on how to deliver financial curriculum at all age levels in addition to offering classroom programming.

Elementary School Branches

We currently have four elementary student-led banks in southwest Iowa. Our goal is to introduce the economic concept of saving money at an early age and reinforce this idea through programming. We want to demonstrate that saving money should be part of a student’s personal financial plan for their future, increase parental involvement in children’s lives through banking activity and provide unique learning experiences for all participants.

ts promise speaker engaging a gym of students

Community Events

We like to get creative and find new ways to engage with our community through unique events. For example, for over twenty years we have been hosting an event called TS Promise, four days of impact where we bring in a national motivational speaker and go on the road to schools in southwest Iowa. Additionally, we've hosted LeadingWELL an event geared toward women in leadership. We also have an event specifically for nonprofit employees and another for economic development leaders that have had huge traction and attendance. We try to find a need in the community and be the catalyst for change, growth and sharing of new ideas. See upcoming events here


There are many facets to our outreach efforts but chief among them is empowering our employees to make a lasting impact on their community. Each year employees are given 50 hours of volunteer time off. Employees have used this time to build homes and playgrounds, to organize events for nonprofits and serve on nonprofit boards, among the many ways employees give back. The giving of time, talents and treasure is of great importance at TS Bank – and a great honor. 

We invite you to reach out if you have any questions about any of our outreach activities.