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Farming is your livelihood, which is why we’re committed to offering the best. Partner with us for your equipment, livestock, farmland purchases and input financing needs plus, streamline your accounts and payments with our business checking solutions. We want to help you find the proper structure for your operation.

TS Bank offers different options for agricultural loans, lines of credit and real estate loans, both in-house and through our preferred partners. Our experienced lenders are diligent in keeping you informed during every step of the process.

  • Financing for agricultural needs
  • Competitive rates
  • Fixed or variable rates available
  • Flexible terms
  • Easy application process
  • Efficient in-house processing
  • Friendly service from experienced ag lenders
  • Farm management services available
  • Subject to credit approval

From checking accounts, debit cards and remote deposit capture to tax services and financial planning, here is a robust list of all our services for ag businesses and ag producers.

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TS Bank In-House Ag Loan Options 

Our agricultural clients use various types of ag loans for the following reasons:


Seasons and markets change quickly. Let us help streamline your commercial or pure-bred livestock (cattle, swine, poultry, equine, etc.) operation with a livestock loan that suits your cash flow needs.


When you're ready to purchase or upgrade equipment (grain bins, combines, tractors, trailers, semis, etc.), we're ready to discuss your financing options. No matter what you raise, we have the options to finance the equipment that is critical to your success.

Ag Line of Credit

Be prepared with a ready line of credit for your farm's needs such as seed, chemical, fertilizer, cash rent or other inputs. Flexible, short-term, asset-based financing can help you manage your cash flow. Have readily available financing for when you need it and only use what you need.

Ag Real Estate Loan

Good farm ground can be hard to come by. Purchase or refinance your farm property with a local, community-minded bank, where processing and decision-making is kept local. Our lenders are familiar with the local real estate market and will work with you to provide financing options that meet your needs. We finance crop and pastureland, as well as buildings or structures necessary to the success and development of your operation. Ag real estate loans are also utilized to purchase Morton® buildings, barns and grain bins. 

Loans Available through TS Ag Finance 

In 2015, TS Bank started a new division called TS Ag Finance which serves producers throughout the United States. The financing options offer unique and flexible products for the agricultural producer and investor looking to expand their operation, refinance into a more favorable loan product(s) or consolidate debt.

Farmer Mac

TS Bank, through its division TS Ag Finance, is an approved Farmer Mac Seller. Farmer Mac offers long-term fixed interest rate products or short-term adjustable interest rate products. In addition, Farmer Mac offers a long-term revolving real estate line of credit with a five-or-10-year draw period. Producers growing a wide variety of commodities throughout the United States can use this program. Farmer Mac loans are secured by a first mortgage on agricultural real estate.


AgXpress is Farmer Mac’s new scorecard approval program. Look to the AgXpress program for quick underwriting decisions after receipt of a signed application which includes limited required financial information. This program is also available for agriculture real estate purchases or the refinance of agriculture real estate debt when the request is $1,500,000 or less. Product offerings include a variety of adjustable and long-term fixed interest rate options along with choice pricing options. Loans are secured with a first mortgage on agriculture real estate. 

Triple R

For rapid request and response, look to the Triple R program for underwriting decisions within 48 hours and limited required information. The Triple R program is available for agriculture real estate purchases or the refinance of agriculture real estate debt when the request is $2,500,000 or less. Product offerings include a variety of adjustable and long-term fixed interest rate options. Loans are secured with a first mortgage on agriculture real estate. 


Dan Rossell – Chief Credit Officer/Market President, Atlantic

Dan currently serves as the Chief Credit Officer/Market President for the Atlantic branch. Prior to TS Bank, Dan worked for Rolling Hills Bank and Trust in Atlantic for 21 years where he was involved with all facets of banking including, ag and commercial lending, Compliance Officer, Market President and Senior Leader. Dan is a graduate of Northwestern College, holding a BA in Business Administration with career concentrations in Finance and Economics. Additionally, he graduated from the School of Banking with special honors. 



Rick Ohlinger – VP of Ag Banking

Rick joined TS Bank in April 2015.  In his current role as VP of Ag Banking, Rick works one-on-one with clients to provide innovative and competitive financing options. He manages the credit relationship through the entire process and works closely with the analysts. Through his various roles within the banking industry, Rick has gained vast experience in agricultural lending and offers guidance and expertise in finding the right financing for Midwest producers.



Tysen Christensen – Market President, Corning

Tysen’s career in banking began immediately after his college graduation in 2004 as a CSR/Teller in Corning. He started his lending career with Okey Vernon Bank in 2006 and progressed to his current role as the Market President for Corning and VP of Regional Ag Banking for TS Bank who acquired Okey Vernon Bank in 2016.  Tysen enjoys taking a hands-on approach and being a true partner for his clients.  He has deep knowledge in the ag industry from helping manage input costs to finding the right hedging strategy. Tysen appreciates helping his farm clients through the many aspects of managing a farming operation.



How do I apply for an agricultural loan, ag line of credit or ag real estate loan?

If you’re interested in learning more about an ag loan or starting the application process at TS Bank, simply fill out the form below to access the Personal Financial Statement to get started. A lender will be in contact within one business day.

Our lenders are available to guide you through this process. Feel free to give us a call, send us an emailVideo Chat or stop by one of our locations to get the process started.


Please mail or drop off your completed financial statement at any TS Bank location or request a secure email thread by emailing We ask that you do not submit these or other personal, financial or proprietary information through regular email communication as it is not considered a secure transmission of personal data.

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Subject to credit approval.