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Faith, family, farming and financial stewardship are what drive TS Bank to be committed to reinvesting 10% of the bank's pre-tax income back into the communities. This reinvestment is made in the form of sponsorships, donations to local non-profits, and support of the local schools through the TS Institute.

To request a donation or sponsorship please use the form at the bottom of this page.

Igniting Prosperity

At TS Bank, we are more than a community bank; we are a community prosperity engine. Working together, we strive every day to create an increasingly positive impact on our clients and our communities.

We Ignite Prosperity® through the following five areas:

  • Community Reinvestment Efforts
  • Products and Services
  • Lending to Local Businesses
  • Employment Opportunities
  • TS Institute

"Ignite" defined as "to evoke emotion, to excite, to set in motion," and "prosperity" defined as "to thrive or cause to succeed" and, from the Latin prosperåre to succeed, from prosperus fortunate; (i.e.) "PRO" means (FOR) + spés means (HOPE) is what Ignite Prosperity® means to TS Bank. We are for hope!

We like to give back by reinvesting profits through a number of channels. TS Bank is dedicated to community prosperity and reinvests 10% of their net income back to the community through outreach, event sponsorships, giving and employee volunteerism.

Community Outreach

By supporting a number of community initiatives, we strive to make an impact.

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Community Outreach

TS Institute

The TS Institute, a non-profit established in 2009 by the TS Banking Group, is an organization committed to creating a more financial-savvy future generation through a K-12 financial literacy program in each school in the bank's market area. The TS Banking Group donated $250,000 to jump-start this initiative, and three years later made a $1,000,000 commitment to help expand the program to other schools. To date the TS Institute has impacted 5,000 students within the TS Bank's market area in Southwest Iowa, and has received a grant from the Iowa Division of Banking to help expand the programming to other banks within the state. For more information visit their website or find them on Facebook or Twitter.

The Vision Treynor Gift

In June, 2010 the TS Banking Group proudly announced a $500,000 lead-off gift to the Vision Treynor Group for development of a Youth Sports Complex, an Aquatic Center and a Fitness Facility. According to the community survey results led by the Vision Treynor Group this development will help enrich the experience of youth for the community of Treynor and surround areas.

TS Promise

TS Promise is a three-day event held in October, which TS Bank sponsors in an effort to give back to the community. Each year, TS Bank donates $10,000 toward providing a motivational speaker to nine local high school and middle school assemblies and an evening faith-based Youth Rally.

Watch a video recap of the 2015 TS Promise.

Community Event Sponsorships

Each year we are a proud sponsor of several local events in our communities.

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Community Event Sponsorships

TS Bank is a proud sponsor of several local community events each year:

Community Giving

See what we have been doing recently to support our local communities.

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Community Giving

TS Bank gives back to the communities our banks are located in. Recent gifts have included:

Employee Volunteerism

The majority of our employees regularly volunteer within their communities.

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Employee Volunteerism

Our Team

At TS Bank, we think it's important to get your hands dirty and our employees agree, which is why over 85% of TS Banking Group's employees volunteer within their community! Two of the ways our employees volunteer are TeamMates and Children's Square.


TeamMates is a volunteer based program designed to provide support and encouragement to elementary through high school aged youth by instilling a sense of hope, purpose and vision. TS Bank joined the TeamMates Mentoring Program in 2011 and has encouraged it's employees to take part in this unique opportunity. TS Bank currently has eleven employees mentoring and anticipate greater participation as the program continues to grow.

Children's Square

TS Bank employees have helped the children living at Children's Square celebrate Christmas for the last two years. TS Bank CEO, Mick Guttau, dresses as Santa, and his wife Judy Guttau, Director of Community Reinvestment, dresses as Mrs. Claus to deliver Christmas gifts to the children at Children's Square in Council Bluffs, IA. Each year TS Bank employees and directors purchase gifts for the organization.

To request a donation or sponsorship:

Donations and sponsorships are funded on a budgeted basis on October 15th of each year. Our first preference is given to the following areas:

  • Youth activities through school and community* organizations
  • Charitable organizations serving communities in which bank employees serve in leadership
  • Organizations that have or are developing a banking relationship with TS Bank
  • Faith based organizations and heart-felt gifts
  • A small fund is set aside for new requests that qualify and are distributed on a first come, first serve basis during the fiscal year. To be considered for the upcoming year, applications for new requests need to be submitted by October 15.

*The community, for giving back, is defined as the market area where TS Bank's branches are located.

Download Grant Request Form 

"When you drink from the well, remember the well digger." – Chinese Proverb