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The TS Bank Story

In 1978, Mick and Judy Guttau had reached a crossroads in their life together. Mick had served as a Cobra attack helicopter pilot in the Vietnam War in 1970-1971 and had been working at TS Bank, Treynor State Bank, for six years. He felt fortunate to come back home alive. His intention was to farm. With young children now in their life and the opportunity to farm not becoming a reality, Mick and Judy were given the rare opportunity to buy the bank.

With the help of Mick's family, they used the family farm as collateral to buy the bank and turn it into the community prosperity engine it is today. They realized this was a chance to help area farmers, businesses, and families in the community they loved – Treynor, Iowa. They were struck with a powerful realization: community banking is key to community survival. Mick's hometown, Treynor, welcomed him home from Vietnam with loving arms, a rarity of the times, but a gesture that would have lasting effects on how they would view their community and operate their future business.

Their daughter Heidi Guttau-Fox joined the Board of Directors in 2000. In 2003, their son Joshua Guttau, joined the bank and currently serves as CEO. It was the combination of the traditional community culture established by Mick & Judy Guttau over the past 30 years along with the introduction of the next generation of family which jump-started the bank down the recent road of high performance. The bank has been able to help local businesses grow, create local jobs, give neighbors fulfilling work, establish a goal to generate profits to be donated, and teach community members about financial literacy. New and fresh ideas have been brought to the bank and the bank is moving in ways, which by industry standards are contrary to what many believe a community bank can be. And we take pride in that. Because, we are more than a community bank, we are a community prosperity engine.

At TS Bank we are all about community prosperity and much of this vision has helped to attract and retain talented and committed employees. With Mick's military experience, one of the concepts he implemented in the bank was "the troops come first." TS Bank Chairman of the Board, Mick Guttau has a famous quote which really exemplifies the entire culture at TS Bank, "We're not focused on managing for the next quarter, but for the next generation." How this translates is we are not focusing on making 'profit numbers' for the quarter, but on making our clients financially secure and successful for a lifetime, which in turn will do the same for the bank.

Our sole mission is to create community prosperity in all the communities we serve and at TS Bank that is part of everyone's responsibility.

TS Bank

TS Bank’s mission is to Ignite Prosperity® in the communities it serves. Leading the resurgence of community banking, TS Bank reinvests 10% of their net income locally; hosting educational events and partnering with local organizations and non-profits. Treynor State Bank was chartered in 1923 and branded to TS Bank in 2005. TS Bank has $365 million in assets, along with the largest Iowa state-chartered C-Corp trust department west of Des Moines at nearly $290 million in assets. Branch locations include Treynor, Macedonia, Atlantic, Corning and Council Bluffs, Iowa. For more information visit

TS Banking Group

The TS Banking Group is a joint venture between Treynor Bancshares, Inc., the bank holding company of Treynor State Bank (TS Bank), with banking assets of $520 million; and the newly formed bank holding company, TS Contrarian Bancshares, Inc. The TS Banking Group and two affiliated bank holding companies are headquartered in Treynor, IA, near the Omaha, NE MSA.

As of October 31, 2014, TS Banking Group officially acquired The Bank of Tioga, located in Tioga, ND in the Bakken area, with $334 million in assets, was chartered in December 1951 and has operated continuously in Williams County, ND since its inception. Farmers State Bank of Crosby was also acquired by TS Banking Group and converted to a The Bank of Tioga branch on August 3, 2015. As of January 1, 2017, First National Bank of Clinton, IL with $177 million in assets and $105 million in AUM was also acquired by TS Banking Group. 

The TS Banking Group is a dedicated community banking group focused on upholding a community bank management philosophy with the purpose of acquiring community banks in the upper Midwest. The overall objective of the acquisition strategy is to expand an organization with a client-focused operating efficiency that allows for the long-term prosperity of community banking. To achieve this goal the TS Banking Group must 1) preserve the 'local touch' at each community bank by allowing the acquired bank to focus their efforts on serving their clients and communities where they are located, and 2) harness the power of a multi-bank operating group to provide a high level of technology, risk management, and financial management.