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10-year fiduciary reflects on his time at TS Prosperity Group

March 28, 2019 | TS Prosperity Group

When I was young the thought of serving as a fiduciary officer never crossed my mind growing up in northwest Iowa. Dreams of starring in the NFL or walking on the moon were at play.

But today I’m happy to say I’ve been a fiduciary officer with TS Prosperity Group, a role I’ve had for 10 years.

After high school, I left home for college with big plans to be a lawyer someday. However, the “pursuit of happiness” led me down a different path – one I’m thankful for. That path led me to discover that God’s plan for me was different than what I had in mind.

Twelve years ago, a friend invited me to serve on the first TS Bank Advisory Board. Now called the Business Intelligence Group Advisory Board, the board was designed to establish an added layer of understanding of the company's reputation and marketplace value from a client, non-client and centers of influence perspective. The group facilitates discussion to gauge community needs and where TS Banking Group may be able to help fill the gap and ways to help be a better partner with their financial goals. 

During my two-year tenure on the board I learned that there was something different going on at TS Bank that I wanted to be a part of. The culture defined by the bank’s patriarch, Mick Guttau, and his family, lined-up well with my own convictions.

In it I found a family-friendly enterprise with a strong sense of duty to God and country. This community banking family chose not to live off of the community; rather, to live for the community. Learning of the Guttau family’s commitment to give 10 percent of the bank’s profit - before taxes - back to the communities where the bank serves made a strong impact on me.

It ultimately led me to seek employment here.

Fast-forward to 2019 and I find myself in my 10th year as a fiduciary officer for TS Prosperity Group, the full-service, trust and investment division of TS Banking Group. I am fulfilled every day by the opportunity to help individuals and families define the goals they desire as they consider a plan for their legacy, be it to provide prosperity for their children, grandchildren or a well-deserving charitable cause.

At TS Prosperity Group, we educate clients and their families on financial risk and help them implement a risk-based plan that fits their family. This allows our clients to sleep better knowing their prosperity is protected and will be there for the next generation.

I am blessed to play a part in this process, especially getting to know my clients and their stories and helping them develop plans to fulfill their dreams.

To join the TS Bank Business Intelligence Group Advisory Board or for more information, contact Kelsey Stupfell at 712-487-0334 or by email at kelsey.stupfell@tsbg.com

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 headshot of jim koch

Jim Koch
Senior Fiduciary Officer, VP

Jim joined the TS Prosperity Group in 2010. As a Fiduciary Officer, Jim assists clients in the development and implementation of their individual and family prosperity plans. As part of the team, Jim provides clients with fiduciary account management, focusing on investment agency accounts, IRAs and retirement planning assistance. Jim is a native of north-central Iowa and he earned his Bachelor of Arts from the University of Saint Thomas, St. Paul, MN.  Jim’s work experience includes more than two decades of financial and operations management in universities, non-profit organizations and private foundations.