dave wise on his bike on a gravel road

100 miles pedaling for a purpose

August 14, 2020 | TS Bank

TS Bank’s Council Bluffs Market President, Dave Wise, plans to ride 100 miles on Saturday, August 22, 2020 to raise funds for the MACC Fund (Midwest Athletes Against Childhood Cancer, Inc.) on a journey from Corning to Council Bluffs, Iowa. 

Like many others, COVID-19 turned Council Bluffs’ resident Dave Wise’s family life upside down. With the gym closed, he began to look for new ways to take care of his physical health while still observing social distancing. Wise has recently taken up cycling as a way to change up his routine and during the pandemic, it became his go-to exercise.

a bike leaned against corn stalks

“It’s a fantastic way to get outside and stay socially distant while still working out with friends,” stated Wise.

So far in 2020, Wise has logged over 1,200 miles on his bike and completed his first 50-mile race, finishing 6th overall in the Cornhusker State Games. He began thinking about what it would take to complete a century ride (or a ride over 100 miles). Due to the risks associated with COVID-19, many group rides and races have been cancelled. That’s when he discovered the Trek 100.

On Saturday, August 22, 2020, Wise will participate in the 31st Annual Trek 100. He and a few fellow cyclists will ride for hope as they ride from home. The ride benefits the MACC Fund (Midwest Athletes Against Childhood Cancer, Inc.), a charity dedicated to helping children battling cancer and blood disorders.

Wise serves as TS Bank’s Council Bluffs Market President and as a bonus, decided his 100-mile route will travel through the community’s TS Bank serves in southwest Iowa. The route begins at TS Bank’s location in Corning, running through Atlantic and Treynor, and ending in Council Bluffs.

“When I read about the MACC Fund, I knew this was the event and organization I wanted to support. Over the last few years, my life and many others was touched by stories of childhood cancer. I was especially affected by Olivia Hautala, the daughter of a dear friend from high school, who passed away at age nine after a five-year battle. The stories of courage and perseverance from these children are profoundly moving,” stated Wise. “The Trek 100 is always the MACC Fund’s biggest fundraiser—but this year, because they had to cancel all other events, it will also be their only fundraiser. The Trek 100 gives riders like me a chance to ‘pedal for a purpose’ to help make a difference in a child’s life.”

dave wise and his wife and kids(Pictured above: Dave Wise and his family)

TS Bank has a huge focus on employee wellness along with giving back to the community. In fact, TS Bank has chipped in $100 to support Wise and his cause. Additionally, many employees have supported Wise’s ride.

To learn more about the Trek 100, visit their website at https://maccfund.org/trek-100/. To reach out to Wise about his ride or how to get involved, reach out to him directly at Dave.Wise@tsbank.com.


bikers in front of ts bank corning location
Pictured (left to right) Jeff Bedoya, Chris Peterson, Kari Ann Pappas, Jim Easton, Dave Wise, Beth Paprocki, Lowell Petersen at TS Bank in Corning, Iowa.

bikers smiling at a checkpoint
Pictured (left to right) Beth Paprocki, Kari Ann Pappas, Lowell Petersen, Jeff Bedoya, Dave Wise stopped on the road between Corning and Atlantic, Iowa.

bikers riding along a dirt road
Pictured (left to right) Chris Peterson, Jim Easton, Dave Wise, Kari Ann Pappas, Lowell Petersen, Beth Paprocki on a gravel road in between Corning and Atlantic, Iowa. 

dave wise with his bank at the ts bank atlantic location
Pictured Dave Wise in front of TS Bank in Atlantic, Iowa. Reaching Atlantic marked 42/100 miles.

dave wise with his bank at the ts bank treynor location
Pictured (left to right) Jim Easton, Dave Wise, Kari Ann Pappas, Jeff Bedoya, Lowell Petersen, Beth Paprocki in front of TS Bank in Treynor, Iowa. 86/100 miles.

dave wise with his bank at the ts bank downtown council bluffs location
Pictured (left to right) Jim Easton, Jeff Bedoya, Dave Wise, Beth Paprocki, Kari Ann Pappas, Lowell Petersen at TS Bank in Council Bluffs, Iowa. 100/100 miles.

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