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Employee Russ Maguire: A volunteer leader in his community

June 28, 2017 | TS Bank

At TS Bank, we believe in giving back in our communities. As a result of this strong belief in volunteerism, we are spotlighting some of our employees who use their spare time to give back to the community. This week we are featuring Russ Maguire, VP of Consumer Credit at TS Bank and volunteer fire chief at Treynor Fire Department. 

russ maguire in fire uniform at the fire station

Tell us about the Treynor Fire Department:
TFD was organized in 1939 and has had only four fire chiefs in its history. We currently have 22 members on our roster. Our members all have FFI certification and on top of that, some members have EMS certification, are career firemen in Council Bluffs or Omaha departments, and one of our members flies with Life Net Helicopter as a flight nurse. TFD is governed under a 28E agreement with four townships that are within the fire department’s coverage area, along with the city of Treynor. Each township and the city pay an annual Tax Levy to the department for fire/EMS protection.  

How long have you been with the fire department and how did you get there?
I joined the FD in 1987 and have been an active volunteer for 30 years.  I joined the department upon hearing there was a need for more volunteers. I am lucky enough to work for a company where volunteering is encouraged and a part of our culture. M employment at TS Bank allows me to stay in town and with their support I am available to respond to 911 emergency calls anytime.

What role do you play in the department today?
I am currently Fire Chief and have been since 1994. I am also the Treasurer for the department. 

Besides fighting fires, what are other ways the fire department is active in the community?
We provide:

  • Educational programs at the Treynor Community Schools; fire truck and ambulance rides are given to pre-school and kindergarten classes.
  • Educational emergency information and showcase some of the equipment we use.
  • Smoke detectors to residents.

Also, in the past, we have assisted in a mock accident scenario with the local high school, in order to demonstrate the consequences and activity involved in a personal injury vehicle accident.

What is the best part about volunteering with the fire department?
Knowing you are making a difference and being able to help someone who is having an emergency. I consider it to be a “Pay it Forward” mentality. You never know when an emergency will arise, and to be able to respond gives satisfaction at the opportunity to help others in time of need.

Why do you think is it important to volunteer locally?
By volunteering locally, you promote community involvement that can be vital to community spirit and growth. Volunteering at any level can give satisfaction and stimulates self-worth for a person. By getting involved as a volunteer, you will also make new acquaintances. 

Why should people consider getting involved in their community outside of work?
Volunteers are one of the most important resources community organizations can have. They provide for the betterment of the community they live in, as well as themselves.

How do you become a volunteer at the department?
It’s as easy as coming to one of the departments meeting nights. We meet on the second and fourth Mondays of the month for training or business meeting. We have an informal application to complete. The department provides any training, equipment and PPE gear. There is no cost to our members other than the time commitment for meetings, training and emergency calls.

What are ways people can help support the department?
There are a variety of ways to support the Treynor Fire Department. We have an annual fund letter that goes out each spring to all residents in the district. We also put on an annual Pancake Feed in the fall of each year. You can also support through memorial gifts for loved ones. Our fire district has always supported Treynor FD and we are very thankful for this support. Whether it is financially or the volunteers who commit their time, we thank you.

Contact the Treynor Fire Department to volunteer today (712.487.3388), and learn more on their Facebook page!