ribbon cutting at little league field in Treynor Iowa

Little league field name unveiled, named after Treynor family

September 17, 2021 | TS Bank

Treynor, Iowa, September 17, 2021 - On Friday, September 10, Vision Treynor Group board members held a ribbon cutting commencing the official opening of ‘The T’, a community recreation area and gathering place in Treynor, Iowa.  Immediately following the ribbon cutting, the name of the new little league field was announced as the “TS Bank and Mick and Judy Guttau Family Field.” Since 2010, TS Bank and the Guttau family have donated a total of $600,000 toward the project.

guttau family at ribbon cutting at treynor little league field
Guttau Family pose for a photo including (left to right) Josh, Shelly and Tessa Guttau, Heidi Guttau, and Mick and Judy Guttau.

Vision Treynor Group, a 501(c)3, was established in February 2010 with a mission to serve as a self-sustaining organization that facilitates the success of public and private projects which benefit the economic and social climate of Treynor and the surrounding area. 

A survey of 1,000 households was conducted in 2010 by Vision Treynor Group with a 43% response rate. The survey uncovered community need in four areas: little league/youth sports fields; community fitness center; swimming pool and walking trails. Thus, the beginning of ‘The T’ emerged.

In 2012, Vision Treynor Group board members identified useable land and created a master plan outlining all amenities of the future facility.

“TS Bank gave an initial lead-gift of $500,000 to purchase 63 acres of land for the future creation of a family recreation complex in Treynor and following that gift with another donation of $54,000,” said Vision Treynor Group Board President, Travis Castle.

In addition to the bank’s lead-gift, community members also contributed $350,000 during the first capital campaign. 

mick and judy standing by little league field sign
Mick and Judy Guttau in front of the first naming rights of the T’s first little league field.

From 2015-2019, lots of planning and evolutions of the property have occurred, including the entry driveway, parking lot, water line and irrigation installation, field grading, seeding and more. One of the Vision Treynor Group goals was to enrich the quality of life for many area residents and help create an environment of further residential and economic development.

Vision Treynor Group sold nine acres to Heartland Properties in 2018 and they developed a 29-home subdivision on the north end of the original Vision Treynor Group property. Another eight acres is currently for sale to develop 22 more homes on the west side of the facility’s property. 

As part of Phase 1, the middle-third of the property was made into usable green space for youth sports and is now ready to use. This includes a regulation sized multipurpose field for flag football and soccer as well as a little league softball and baseball field. ‘The T’ is already in use for fall 2021 activities including little league practices and also plans to host single day events.

“Most recently, TS Bank along with the Guttau family have contributed an additional $46,000 bringing their total giving level to $600,00 on this project. Because of this, The Vision Treynor Group is honored and excited to announce naming rights of the T’s first little league field as the ‘TS Bank and Mick and Judy Guttau Family Field’,” stated Castle.

“Our ‘why’ for giving to this project is because of the people standing here today and those who preceded us who have helped make this community great. We are blessed to be part of this community and to continue to see it grow,” said TS Banking Group Chairman, Mick Guttau.

“If you know Mick and Judy and their family, their acts of kindness mostly go unnoticed, however, with a little arm twisting, we are very pleased to announce this first field name at ‘The T,’” added Castle. “This project would not have launched if it wasn’t for the generosity of TS Bank and the Guttau family. From the beginning, they could see our vision, they believed in us and continued to support us every step of the way.”

“The city of Treynor and rural Pottawattamie County will feel the impact of this gift for decades to come,” stated Castle.  

Guttau added, “We are blessed to be in this community; our family has been here for nearly 150 years. Through every step of that we have seen what this community can do for young people and look forward for that to continue.” 

vision treynor board on little league field
VTG Board Members: Scott Reelfs, Norm Collins, Doug Wehring, and Travis Castle pictured at ‘The T’

In looking at Phase 2 of the project, Vision Treynor Group was awarded an Iowa West Foundation grant for $174,000 which will involve the completion of construction of little league field #1; complete equipment on multi-purpose field #1; design and build a concession stand, restrooms and a maintenance building; and lastly complete infrastructure for the facility including electric, sewer and sidewalks. Phase 2 will cost $511,000 in total and the Iowa West Foundation awarded 34% of the total phase costs; the remaining will need to come from grants and other capital campaign efforts between now and April 2022 to fulfill the matching grant.

Vision Treynor Group is also in discussion with other community-minded entities in an effort to facilitate their projects to be located at ‘The T’ facilities. One of the next projects includes the Treynor Parks and Trails, which will include a splash pad being built into the south bank of the facility, an inclusive playground along with Tristan’s Trail. 

Pottawattamie County Community Foundation also recently granted $4,000 toward the project. For others interested in donating visit, here. The community capital campaign will run now through December 31, 2021 to raise remaining Iowa West Foundation matching funds to complete Phase 2.

About TS Bank: TS Bank’s mission is to Ignite Prosperity® in the communities it serves. Leading the resurgence of community banking, TS Bank reinvests 10 percent of their net income locally; hosting educational events and partners with local organizations and non-profits. TS Bank was chartered in 1923 and has $365 million in assets, along with the largest Iowa state-chartered C-Corp trust department west of Des Moines at nearly $218 million in assets named TS Prosperity Group. Locations include Treynor, Macedonia, Atlantic, Corning, Council Bluffs and Ames, Iowa. For more information, visit tsbank.com.

About Vision Treynor Group: Vision Treynor Group, a 501(c)3 was established in February 2010 with this mission to serve as a self-sustaining organization that facilitates the success of public and private projects which benefits the economic and social climate of Treynor and the surrounding area.  To learn more, visit their Facebook page here