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New year, new bank? Ask these student savers for a recommendation

December 20, 2021 | TS Bank

If you are looking to make changes in the new year and considering switching banks, take a moment to read testimonials from two of our younger fans at our TS Bank College View Little Lynx Branch who might help sway you.

TS Bank has four in-school student banks in southwest Iowa, including three within Council Bluffs Community School District at Rue, Franklin and College View Elementary.

The College View Little Lynx student bank opened on Sept. 5, 2017. Fifth grade students are interviewed for student banker positions each year and undergo various bank training, including client service and the importance of confidentiality.

The long-range goal of the in-school banking program is to help teach the habit of savings and ways financial literacy connects to student’s future career opportunities and life skills.

Sven Ruesch in second grade and Freya Ruesch in preschool both at College View Elementary share their thoughts.

What do you love most about your bank, TS Bank?

Sven: “I love when I come down to give my bank money at school! I am proud to spell my name – first and last name and put my money in the bank. Then when we drive by I feel excited when I see MY bank.”

Freya: “Because it's a hub for money and it's also close to The Hub. The bank also keeps my money safe.”

Why did you decide to open a bank account with TS Bank?

Sven: “They offered the banking program at College View and I love that we can bank there.”

Freya: “I heard mummy saying that TS Bank gives a lot of support to many businesses in our community. I think that is really good.”

What’s the first word you think of when you hear or see TS Bank? What do you feel?

Sven: “I think of the initial letters ‘T’ & ‘S’.”

Freya: “I get excited with Sven when we drive by and see our bank.”

Why is it important to save? Why do you choose to save?

Sven:So you can buy more toys, and if you save more you get a bigger retirement account.”

Freya & Sven: “To save for our trip to Malta to see Nannu Julian, Nanna Jojo, Aunty Kiki and Uncle Neil.”

What would you tell your friends (or your sister!) about TS Bank?

Sven: “I would say that the people at TS Bank are really helpful. When I bank my money and my mummy also says that she has had so much help from them during Covid.”

When Sven grows up, he wants to be Spiderman and his sister, Freya wants to be the Witch of the West, or a grown up Elsa.

Sven also said he loves reading, baking, swimming in the pool and the ocean and a little long boarding. Meanwhile, Freya loves fashion, dancing, singing and make-up. She also added she just loves to be free. We give a high five to that too, Freya!

In closing we asked, Ilona, Sven and Freya’s mom a few questions too.

What kind of impact has TS Bank/TS Institute and these financial literacy resources had on your children?

Ilona: “Our shift to TS Bank was a very organic process. We knew about TS Bank but hadn't really looked at it until a few individuals who we also consider friends began to check in with me about Life Dimensions (my business). Sven was super excited to earn a few extra dollars here and there to bank that through the school year. When Covid made its way to the U.S. and we had to shut down it was thanks to the Chamber, the small business administration, my accountant and TS Bank who reached out and asked if everything was ok. They assisted me through the whole process. It does truly feel like a family feel which I am forever grateful about! Sven has mentioned that he does love the staff that show up on a Friday too. He feels very proud. We definitely do appreciate everyone that has contributed to a very fluid and wonderful experience.”

Anything else you’d like to add or encourage other parent’s with?

Ilona: “There are many components to a healthy and happy life. We work with Sven and Freya to ensure that physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects are included in their lifestyle on a daily basis. I encourage parents to listen to their kiddos. They have some amazing stories to share that can also contribute to the harmony of home and work life.”

Heading into the new year, we know our future looks bright, especially with a young generation like Sven and Freya blazing a trail! 

To learn more about TS Bank's financial literacy efforts, visit this web page where you can also contact one of our team members. 

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