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Over 130 southwest Iowa nonprofit leaders attend professional development workshop

October 5, 2022 | TS Bank

Over 130 southwest Iowa nonprofit leaders from 50 different organizations attended the Impacting Nonprofit: Investing for Progress, featuring a hands-on workshop with an introduction to the Six Types of Working Genius held at Hoff Family Arts & Culture Center in Council Bluffs on Tuesday, October 4, 2022.

Hosted by TS Bank, additional sponsors included by Community Foundation for Western Iowa, Fox Creek Fundraising, TS Prosperity Group, Iowa West Foundation and Four Corners Community Foundation. Keynote speaker, Amie Gamboian, Principal Consultant with Table Group conducted the workshop. 

“This professional development opportunity was geared toward nonprofit leaders and employees focused on building resilience, navigating challenges and strengthening successful teams. We believe in strengthening our communities and know supporting the mission-focused work of local nonprofits will have positive generational ripple effects,” said Director of Public Relations with TS Banking Group, Kelsey Stupfell.

The Working Genius Assessment is the newest productivity assessment from the Table Group. Specializing in organizational health, Pat Lencioni has identified six different types of gifts that are required of any group of people trying to get something accomplished.

Two of those six types, called your Working Geniuses, come naturally to you – you are good at them and they give you energy and joy. Other types are either Working Competencies or Working Frustrations.

This tool has both individual and team applications related to the stages of work, disruptions and responses and meetings. This new organizational health model can be implemented with teams, boards and even at home.

Key takeaways from the day included:

  • The best leader is the self-aware leader.
  • Elevate individual and team effectiveness by loving what you do and what you do best.
  • Burnout is not the amount of work you are doing, but the kind of work you are doing.
  • Every job is six genius job, but ensure more of your work is in your geniuses than your frustrations.
  • Work satisfaction lies within joy and fulfillment, your top two geniuses.
  • Increase organizational sustainability tools by maximizing ideation, activation and implementation.
  • Whom might you need to leverage more and what do you do when you have team gaps?
  • Lead with geniuses, lean into competencies and flex the muscle on frustrations.

The morning concluded with refining purpose and reigniting passions for teams and individuals. The outcome of this workshop is to help empower others in making adjustments in their leadership to increase work satisfaction, elevation effectiveness and increases the likelihood of sustainable success.

To learn more about how TS Bank serves local nonprofits here or contact Kelsey Stupfell at

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