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Self-Care during unchartered territory: living full, now and post-pandemic

May 13, 2020 | TS Prosperity Group

For weeks now, we have all been navigating this new world of isolation. During this transition, you have developed some new routines, and now is a good time to stop, reflect and reevaluate your rhythms.

What do you value about your work life? What do you value in your home life? Where do you need to tighten or loosen the reigns?

Evaluate what you need help with regarding your physical, mental and emotional wellness. Do you need quiet time, time spent outside, or a creative challenge?

We asked for additional feedback from community leaders and hope some of these ideas might resonate with you.

Self-evaluation: What is one thing you will take with you out of quarantine and what is one thing you will leave behind? What have you learned from this time and how have you refined yourself?

Lona SmartFacilitator and Behavioral Specialist of Revela shared the following, “Stress is normal part of life – however, our current situation is challenging us in completely different ways. Even the most resilient people I know are feeling the weight of the world right now. None of us have a playbook for how we should or shouldn’t respond during a pandemic. So don’t beat yourself up if you feel stressed, anxious or overwhelmed during this time. Right now, the two biggest causes of stress is uncertainty and loneliness.

For those leading teams and even leading families, listen with empathy. Acknowledge fears that people have and be vulnerable enough to share your own fears. Attempt to neutralize that fear by redirecting people to things they have control over. Like the work that they are passionate about and serving the community. Information reduces uncertainty. Communicate often and provide regular updates. Don’t speculate about things you don’t know or can’t predict.”

Carol WoodFormer President of Children’s Square U.S.A. added, “I have been through several major changes during my life, and they are times despite the uncertainty have all been a necessary step to growth. It is a way to recalibrate. To see others step up in times like this is encouraging and shows the goodness of people. There truly is a something bigger here. I am convinced there will be a lot of good that will come out of this time, and it is a reminder of what we can control and what we cannot control. People will come together for good and ignite their purpose and mission in life, being a light in the darkness.”

How can you be thriving and surviving? What are ways you can be a realist and idealist?

Smart adds, “Front line workers caring for our most vulnerable can still feel lonely or isolated despite contact with those they are serving. More than ever, they need a social support system. Social connectedness is the best way to combat loneliness. Find ways to connect beyond an email, text or phone call. Use video technology, if needed, to make eye contact and check-in. Don’t just ask for updates about work, ask how they are truly doing.”

In closing Gary Davis, Organizational Development Manager of TS Banking Group states, “The one blessed by a life dedicated to the service of others must be an avid believer in the law of averages and ever mindful that there is never a bad time to do good.  As St. Francis Assisi said, ‘While we have time, let us do good!’” 

We can all show up daily, but it is how we live life to the full that matters now and post-pandemic. 

Be a light.

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