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TS Bank’s Allely works to help businesses grow

October 15, 2019 | TS Bank

Marie Allely enjoys serving her community, singing and helping businesses grow.

Allely grew up in Ankeny, Iowa, north of Des Moines and graduated from the University of Northern Iowa with degrees in banking and marketing. She’s been with TS Bank since 2012.

She’s currently vice president of business banking, working in commercial lending with businesses small and large.

“I try to learn about the peoples’ businesses. Match them with products that can help them be more efficient,” she said, mentioning the bank’s cash management, checking and saving and merchant processing programs, among many. “We try to make it a package deal, where we can recommend things that’ll help make their lives easier, at least in the banking world.”

The majority of Allely’s portfolio is small business lending, as she works with local companies with 50 or fewer employees.

“Our goal is to help them grow to the point where they don’t need us as a lender. From there, they hopefully keep a deposit relationship,” she said. “We want to help them get bigger and better.”  

Among the business success stories is Spencer Management*, a business that has worked with TS Bank and has grown to a $4 million company with multiple banking products.

“A really good growth client and really fun to work with,” Allely said.

She also mentioned Advanced Air*, located at the Council Bluffs Municipal Airport, which has banked with TS Bank for years and has used other products as the company grows exponentially providing instruction, training and continuing education for pilots. They also have partner programs with Iowa Western Community College and Bellevue University.

“She’s seen so many students come through,” Allely said. “That’s a really fun business. Fun to be a part of.”

Allely said she enjoys her job because of the variety of people and industries she comes into contact with daily.

“I’ve always been curious by nature. I like to learn about people, why they’re in the business they’re in, I find people fascinating. That’s a good trait to have as a lender. I ask a lot of questions, you just listen and let them talk about their business, their dreams,” she said. “Having good relationships with all my clients, getting to know them, that’s my favorite part.”

Allely serves on the bank’s LeadingWELL committee, which organizes events focused on women’s leadership. LeadingWELL has hosted one large event and one of four workshops so far, with plans to expand the events in the future.

“I’m really excited to be a part of LeadingWELL. That’s one of my favorite work committees to be on,” Allely said. “I’m excited to see what this leads to in the future and how it grows.”

Outside work, Allely is the chairperson of the All Care Health Center Board of Directors, on the events committee of the Leadership Council Bluffs Alumni Association and recently joined the Patient Advisory Council board for CHI Health Mercy Hospital.

When she’s not helping businesses with loans or serving her community, Allely occasionally sings at weddings - and not just along to “Don’t Stop Believin’” while on the dance floor.

“I sing on the side – sing in weddings, funerals. And anything people ask me to do,” she said, noting she spent her first two years at Northern Iowa as a vocal performance major.

She eventually shifted her career focus, but still loves to sing.

“I didn’t want that as a career. I always had a love for creativity, that led to advertising marketing and business as my major. Which led to banking, which is odd, but it worked,” she said. “And if someone asks me to sing at an event, I’ll absolutely do it, it’s a lot of fun,” she said. “Now I get to plan my own wedding. But I’m not going to sing at it.”

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