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TS Prosperity Group to acquire Collins Consulting Service

July 2, 2018 | TS Prosperity Group

Treynor, IA – TS Prosperity Group to acquire Collins Consulting Service tax and accounting firm, as a wholly-owned subsidiary on Aug. 1, 2018.

Collins Consulting Service of Treynor, Iowa provides tax, accounting and payroll services to a growing number of clients in Western Iowa, Omaha and the Midwest.

TS Prosperity Group is a division of TS Bank, Treynor State Bank, a community bank headquartered in Treynor, Iowa with six additional locations in Southwest Iowa and over $400 million in banking assets. TS Prosperity Group and TS Bank are part of the TS Banking Group network representing over $1 Billion in banking and fiduciary assets.

Collins Consulting Service will relocate into the TS Bank building located at 15 E. Main Street, Treynor, Iowa in September of 2018 as Collins Consulting, Inc.

Josh Guttau, CEO of TS Banking Group, stated “I am very excited that Norm decided to have Collins Consulting join the TS Banking Group moving forward, as together I believe we will be able to provide an even better client experience and suite of services to the existing clients of both businesses. I am hopeful this partnership will afford Norm with the flexibility to continue working with his clients for many years to come, and provides his clients with great continuity of service for years to come.”

The TS Prosperity Group provides investment management and fiduciary services across the Midwest, and Collins Consulting, Inc., will become a part of the TS Prosperity Group’s suite of services offered.

Norm Collins, the principal owner of the company, has been providing accounting, tax and consulting services for 47 years and has operated the company at its current location since 2005, with seven employees that work on payroll, accounting, and income tax preparation services.

Norm commented on the reason for deciding to have Collins Consulting join the TS Prosperity Group, “As each year passes, the light at the end of one’s career gets brighter, and as I have reflected on that the last few years, I desired to position Collins Consulting with a future owner that has the same commitment, as I, to continue providing great service to our clients, keep the business in the southwest Iowa area for the benefit of our current employees. With the TS Banking Group, I have found that, along with an owner that has the desire to have me continue in the business. This partnership will personally provide me with the flexibility to begin working a reduced schedule, and with some of the business duties I currently handle as an owner being handled by others, so that I can continue directly working with our clients.”

Collins Consulting has built a fabulous word-of-mouth reputation across the southwest Iowa and Omaha metro area, that is driven by their belief in the value of relationships and their team truly believes its success is a result of their client’s success, and view every client relationship like a partnership.

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About TS Prosperity Group: TS Prosperity Group is a combination of fiduciary services and institutional investment management. The Trust Division - which includes fiduciary services - has been in place for 90 years. The institutional investment management team, developed internally over the last ten years, is now under TS Prosperity Group, headquartered in Council Bluffs, Iowa. TS Prosperity Group has $218 million assets under management and is earning national recognition in performance. Joshua M. Guttau is CEO. For more information visit