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Large businesses have more to worry about than their checking account. This is why we do the heavy lifting for you.

This account lets you rack up earnings credits that may offset fees. So you get exactly what you pay for, every time.

  • Checking designed for businesses with larger business demands
  • $15.00 monthly service fee*
  • Earnings credit may offset fees
  • Online services include:
    • Business debit card
    • Free online banking with bill pay
    • Free mobile banking
    • Free eStatements (images returned with statements)
    • Remote deposit
  • Extra benefits:
    • Cash management services available
    • Night depository
  • $250 minimum deposit to open

*No charge if earnings credit on investable balance exceeds charge. The bank will compute an average investable balance by the deduction of a 10% reserve requirement and the daily average uncollected funds for the statement period from the ledger balance. The result is the investable balance on which an earnings credit is computed. This earnings credit is the 90-day Treasury Bill rate less 1.50% (minimum earnings credit 0.00%) against these earnings the service charge is applied. The net service charge appears on the bank statement.