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Driving the optimal speed in a volatile market

June 14, 2022 | TS Prosperity Group

At the TS Prosperity Group, we practice risk management first, return second in managing our client’s investment portfolios. With inflation and market volatility on the rise, it is a reminder to what we hold true and how to help others who may be looking for another way.

By maintaining discipline and managing risk, it helps remove emotion from the investment decision process. We all know when stakes are high emotions can also run high.  

A great example we like to provide is the following:

If you are driving a sports car around a bend, you don’t need to know the maximum speed, you need to know the optimal speed. We focus on the optimal speed and are willing to forego the maximum speed.

We achieve this through six risk management principles:

Manage risk by making risk management a priority.

              We manage risk by making risk management a priority

Manage risk by measuring risk differently.

              Return is not worth unnecessary amounts of risk

Manage risk by redefining diversification.

              Having many funds doesn’t mean you’re diversified if they have high correlation

Manage risk by constructing portfolios, not a collection of investments.

              Portfolio components must work well together through risk/return profiles

Manage risk through an optimization driven process.

              Portfolios are evaluated through a rigorous process

Manage risk by maintaining discipline.

              We keep to our core approach even when the herd moves in another direction

There is a better path forward, and we like to help others understand the answers to the common questions people have about their investing, for example:

What is my portfolio risk/reward profile?

How does it compare to other alternatives?

What should we be doing with our money?

To learn more about how we manage risk first or to determine your risk profile, download our pdf below.

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