terrence talley talking to students at ts promise 2022

Motivational speaker impacts over 3,200 southwest Iowa students

September 30, 2022 | TS Bank

Treynor, Iowa, September 30, 2022 - This week motivational speaker and author, Terrence Talley, traveled to 11 southwest Iowa schools impacting over 3,200 students with a message of hope to never give up and create positive life choices. The presentation was part of TS Bank's TS Promise motivational speaker series Sept. 26-29, visiting Riverside, Treynor, Tri-Center, Underwood, Atlantic, Griswold, East Mills, Abraham Lincoln, Lewis Central, Heartland Christian and Southwest Valley.

terrence talley speaking to students
Terrence Talley speaks to Griswold High School students in their auditorium.

TS Promise, in it's 22nd year, is part of the bank’s commitment to reinvest 10% of its net income back into the community and specifically impact local youth through this program. In addition to the school assemblies, a youth rally was held at the Treynor Community Center, Wed., Sept. 28 at 7 p.m. for all area middle and high schoolers, their siblings and their parents. There were over 180 in attendance to hear more of Terrence's personal story and importance of caring for one another.

"Terrence was delightfully down-to-earth for such a high-impact message. We find out so often kids feel like giving up, now more than ever. Terrence and his message were exactly what we needed. Staff shared that this was one of the best presentations they've had at the school," said Stephanie Lajko, Middle and High School Principal with Griswold Community Schools. "Staff members also appreciated the 'dad hugs' that were shared. We saw a group of students reaching out who may not have done so without Terrence's message. We appreciate TS Bank and their promise to continue sharing quality messages through powerful speakers in schools. This has been a program that I look forward to since I became an administrator, and I am grateful for the opportunity to share these presenters with my students and staff."

terrence talley speaking to students
Terrence Talley addresses staff in the Tri-Center Community School Gymnasium.

Today, students face an uphill battle against bullying, peer pressure, family hurts and life altering choices. Terrence Lee Talley helps encourages and unites students to work through trauma with a path to healing and positive choices.

"Terrence provided an entertaining, but also a very emotionally connected assembly. The stories and activities that Terrance presented were engaging and emotionally impactful," said Riverside Community School District 6-12 Principal, Nicholas J. Kroon. "I have been through quite a few assemblies in my day, and I think this particular assembly moved students and staff more than any others that I can remember. I loved seeing a deeper connection formed between staff and students."

students hugging staff at assembly
Students and staff connect at the conclusion of Terrence Talley's assembly with his iconic 'dad hug.'

Growing up in the Twin Cities of Minnesota, Terrence uses his childhood and relationship with his parents, heartbreaking moments and now the joy of being a father to help convey an unforgettable message for students. Terrence is a communicator where individuals remember what he said but also, how he made them feel.

"Terrence had such an impact on all of our students and staff. His message moved so many of our kids and touched on so many important issues that all kids and adults are dealing with in today's society," said Chad Harder, Secondary Principal with Tri-Center Community Schools. "His talk and presentation left a lasting impression on our entire school and one that our kids and staff will never forget."

To learn more about this year’s speaker, visit www.terrencetalley.com. To learn more about the TS Promise program or to get involved contact kelsey.stupfell@tsbg.com

About TS Bank:TS Bank’s mission is to Ignite Prosperity® in the communities it serves. Leading the resurgence of community banking, TS Bank reinvests 10 percent of their net income locally; hosting educational events and partners with local organizations and non-profits. TS Bank was chartered in 1923 and has $365 million in assets, along with the largest Iowa state-chartered C-Corp trust department west of Des Moines at nearly $218 million in assets named TS Prosperity Group. Locations include Treynor, Macedonia, Atlantic, Corning, Council Bluffs and Ames, Iowa. For more information visit tsbank.com.