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One amazing woman’s testimonial about having all the strength you need

January 30, 2017 | TS Prosperity Group

We asked Christine Clausen about her experience as a board member and client. Here is her story.

“God has made me an Amazing Woman and He will give me the strength I need.” When I am facing a challenge that seems overwhelming, that’s what I tell myself. Well, actually, I don’t just “tell myself.” If it’s not too embarrassing, I often proclaim it out loud! Not only does this phrase get me through the moment, but over and over again it has been the launching point leading to victory.

It all started when my oldest son was in pre-school and the enormous back seat of the family van needed to be put into place for the kid’s carpool route. Other parents get kind of funny about having their precious kiddos in seatbelts as opposed to thrown in a pile in the back, so the seat HAD to go in before I could leave. I just didn’t think I could move that clunky seat across the garage, heave it up into the van and then latch it all into place by myself.

That moment was the first use of my Amazing Woman self-talk, and it worked! Since then, I have announced this Amazing-ness hundreds of times. I have spoken to students, women’s groups, and at camps about the idea. Now, I even have flowing pink capes that have an Amazing Woman superhero logo on them to remind people that God gives them the strength they need to do what He wants them to do.

One time a lady said to me, “I always wear a superhero cape when I vacuum. I didn’t know anybody else did that!”

Years have passed since my son was in pre-school; years that represent countless days, and we all know that days are filled with challenges. Some are along the lines of the physical challenge of moving an awkwardly large van seat, but many have been more significant. In 2012, the greatest challenge of my life came with the loss of my incredible husband, Jeff. The phrase that had motivated me through stacks of papers or shoveling out our cattle feed bunks, had to take on a new and deeper meaning. Could God really give me what I needed to move forward without Jeff here beside me? Of course, the answer was yes. The answer. Was. Yes.

But, let me tell you, it’s not easy. Sometimes the mantra is not just “one day at a time,” but instead, “one breath at a time.” The overwhelming aspects of life are multiplied when a person is alone. However, God has continued to take care of me, and I am continuously being propelled to put one foot in front of the other.

As I move forward, I am so thankful for the hundreds of ways in which God has brought me what I needed when I needed it. Specifically, one of the many facets of life that was new to me was the responsibility of managing the finances.

Enter TS Bank. The bank has been a substantial contributor to our journey. Early on after Jeff’s passing, the team met with me to give me an updated understanding of the many moving financial pieces of our farming operation. Later, the TS Prosperity Group lent their expertise to analyze my complicated finances and offered informed planning toward diversification of my investments in a way that would optimize return.

Not all of my financial pieces are under the TS Bank roof, but they listened to my unique situation and created a plan with the right balance of cash flow and money-put-away-to-grow appropriate for this season of my family. I have been impressed by their personalized planning and their insight into the options they have that best fit my life. Their team recognized the pieces of my profile that are non-negotiable and found ways to temper those risks with investments that complement the assets I already had in place.

Just this last week, out of the blue, I received a call to suggest an option that might be an even better fit given current national changes. The hours of quality help from the people at TS Bank and TS Prosperity Group have made a huge impact on my life.

God has been true to His promises, and He will continue to give us the strength and resources we need to make a difference for Him. I am thankful for the involvement of TS Bank as one of His avenues for making that happen in my story. The picture of our lives, and the lives that touch ours, is so much bigger than we know. He can use each of us to make an impact. Remember, He has made you an Amazing Woman, or an Amazing Man, too!

At TS Prosperity Group, we IGNITE PROSPERITY® by helping our clients do more with their money. Whether it’s saving a little extra cash each month or accomplishing a long-term strategy, our goal is to help you transform your financial life. Call and schedule an appointment today, one of our team members would love to help you do more with your money at TS Prosperity Group. TS Prosperity Group is based in Council Bluffs, Iowa, with clients across the midwest. For more information visit or call 844-487-3115. #igniteprosperity


Christine Clausen
Board of Directors, TS Banking Group

Christine Clausen is currently the president of Carson Feeders, Inc. of Carson, Iowa. She is also an educator and is on the Boards of Hope International University/Nebraska Christian College, Deaf Child Hope, and the Foundation Board of Children’s Square. She has recently been working to bring an Assure Women’s Center to southwest Iowa, and is involved in various ways at First Christian Church in Council Bluffs. Christine currently serves on TS Banking Group’s board of directors. Christine and her two boys reside in Carson, IA.