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Top Three Benefits of the Prosperity Trifecta

February 15, 2023 | TS Prosperity Group

When you bring three powerhouse team members together, you create a collaboration that truly gives a 360° holistic prospective for a client that will really help to IGNITE PROPSERITY for their financial future.


The Prosperity Trifecta includes a Financial Planner, Attorney, and Tax Professional (or Accountant) to surround a client with a holistic vantage point that will create a solid financial plan to meet their short-term and long-term goals.


#1: Creates Success

Generally speaking, people become financial planners because they want to help people with their financial futures; people become accountants because they want to help people with their tax situations; people want to be an attorney because they want to help people with their legal scenarios. Bottom line: we ALL went into business to help people.

Famous poet and philosopher, Ralph Waldo Emerson, said that if you believed in yourself and your purpose for being here—and you worked at it—you would be successful. Now, imagine that success times three.


#2: Harmonious Synergy

With open lines of communication and planned levels of coordination, the Prosperity Trifecta can reach a beautiful ballad of Harmonious Synergy. For example: The Attorney composes a solid Estate Plan that is conducted by the Accountant, ensuring that the client’s Tax Liability is within the threshold of the Client’s Tax Plan and directs the Financial Planner, accordingly. The Financial Planner, with the many different components they bring to the table for the Client’s Financial Management, orchestrates the Estate’s Assets and distributes funds by design, when the time is right.

When all three professionals communicate and coordinate together, the client’s long-term financial plan is only enhanced by the contributions of expertise each person’s profession.


#3: Client Advocacy

We’d argue that many clients probably think of their Financial Planner, Attorney and Accountant as as three separate resources. But can you imagine if they all worked together to create one master plan? Working together, a Financial Planner, Attorney and Tax Professional can create a nearly impenetrable fortress for our clients, advocating for their needs, goals, and visions and then making sure they stand up those external factors we’d like to call “Risk”.

Our team puts our client’s Prosperity Goals first and no matter who you work with on our team—our top priority is to IGNITE PROSPERITY by preserving generational wealth utilizing our Prosperity Plans and Fiduciary Services. We’d be honored to communicate and coordinate with you to bring clients a prosperous advantage: the Prosperity Trifecta.

TS Prosperity Group’s purpose is to IGNITE PROSPERITY® in our communities by preserving generational wealth. Unique circumstances and risks exist within each family. Utilizing our fiduciary approach to investment management, we help identify those risks and create a solution-based prosperity plan to address them and support their family’s financial legacy.