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What does the word prosperity mean to you

October 16, 2017 | TS Prosperity Group

At TS Prosperity Group, prosperity is the word that defines who we are and how we do business. We felt it embodied our mindset as a business so well, we made the decision to change our name and announced the rebrand of our wealth management division in November of 2016.

Wealth vs. Prosperity
What comes to mind when you think of the word wealth? The definition mentions a great quantity or store of money, valuable possessions, property and affluence. While the word prosperity is a strong precise word that can be used as both a noun or verb and conveys a thriving future. Plus, “prosper” means to thrive or cause to succeed. Also, we now know the Latin meaning of “prosperous” (i.e.) “PRO” means and (FOR) + spēs means (HOPE). We are for hope! TS Prosperity Group defines our business by the success of helping clients identify and grow their family prosperity.   

Prosperity Leadership
Our goal is to provide Prosperity Leadership by being a partner in a client’s process of gaining prosperity and not just getting involved after they accumulated their wealth to serve as a Wealth Management advisor. In order for our company to be prosperous, our clients need to be prosperous.  Working with TS Prosperity Group allows families to create a solid financial plan during all of life’s transitions such as retirement, incapacity, death, business/farm transition and inheritance. We believe that by focusing on our client’s prosperity and best interests, we set the stage for multigenerational prosperity.

We chose the tagline, managing risk for your greater reward, to accompany our new name and brand. The foundation of our investment philosophy is to optimize returns through managing risk. We do this by adhering to financial fundamentals as we optimize for risk adjusted return.

Our Purpose
Our purpose is to secure and empower your family’s financial life to ignite a prosperous legacy. By putting risk before return, our focus is to help you keep the money you worked so hard for.

Our new name, tagline and purpose are a reflection of a promise to assist our local communities and families to Ignite Prosperity. TS Prosperity Group focuses on building generational prosperity for our communities. We assist families with being good stewards of the assets they have built. Our ultimate mission is to be a trusted advisor for a family and their financial plan for generations.

At TS Prosperity Group, we IGNITE PROSPERITY® by helping our clients do more with their money. Whether it’s saving a little extra cash each month or accomplishing a long-term strategy, our goal is to help you transform your financial life. Call and schedule an appointment today, one of our team members would love to help you do more with your money at TS Prosperity Group. TS Prosperity Group is based in Council Bluffs, Iowa, with clients across the midwest. For more information visit tsprosperitygroup.com or call 844-487-3115. #igniteprosperity