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I recently created an account with TS Bank after 16 years with another financial institution, and I have been beyond impressed with my decision. It is evident that clients are their number one priority, and it's the personalized treatment and friendliness of employees that makes TS Bank stand above other financial institutions.

Rachel Morehead

We recently bought a new home and during the entire home buying process, everyone at TS Bank was more than helpful. This is our second home so we had an idea of the support we'd receive but Lacey S was well above and beyond. As it came closer to the closing date she was extremely responsive with questions, clarifications, anything we needed. She also helped us understand the whole process, even things that were outside of her responsibility as a bank employee - for example, answering tax questions or realtor questions that came up. I'd recommend TS bank for anyone and especially first time home buyers who feel like they have so many questions they don't know who to ask.

Collin Forrester

I'm writing to share my experience at your Corning branch. I was a long time customer of Okey Vernon and when the changeover happened, I was unsure if I would continue to bank locally. My experiences with the Corning employees has kept me here!! The staff have been extremely helpful with loans, checking account issues, etc. You have a great group in Corning and I appreciate having a local bank I can trust with such quality employees!!

I would like to give a special acknowledgement to Brandie Kannas. Brandie has gone above and beyond to make sure I had what I needed both with my personal account and my business account. She truly has a customer service heart and I appreciate her willingness to solve my issues quickly and effectively.

Wendy Malone

A big thank you to TS Bank for your generous gift to Southwest Valley after school program. Many kids will greatly benefit from your continued support of our school and community. As a former school board member, I know how much this means to our school district and children. Please pass this on to all at TS Bank.  I know community involvement and pride are one of your main goals. Thanks again.

Gary Goldsmith

TS Bank demonstrates an interest in your business and an understanding of what you are trying to accomplish. They very much demonstrate a desire to be part of your business team in a very professional way. They demonstrate that they are there to assist and support you in working toward your business goals.

Wayne Nielsen President, AmeriServe International Inc.

I would like to say that I have always had great experience with the TS Bank family, but today a few of your workers went above and beyond! I would love you guys to know what wonderful staff you have working for you. With your phones down today I got onto social media to try to see what was up and that was when Lindsey M and Rebecca S promptly got back to me with info on the issues you guys were experiencing promising to let me know as soon as possible when it was resolved. If that was not good enough Rachel K got ahold of me directly to help with the services I needed! All your staff is amazing but I really wanted these ladies to get recognition for their excellent customer service!

Kaytlin Shannon 

I use TS Bank because I want to support small local businesses, rather than larger national banks. In addition, TS Bank has more competitive interest rates and fewer fees than my old national bank. And with the mobile deposit and ebanking features I can do all of my banking online.

Lindsey Baker

"In today's environment, a lot of the big banks make money off fees by taking it from the little people, and not offering them much in terms of service nor return. TS Bank doesn't make excuses and gives its clients high return and service to match. They reward everyday people that are just trying to make it in a tough economic climate. Thank you TS Bank."

Mitchell Stanford Manager, Johnson Controls, Inc.

"Having just recently moved from a small community to Council Bluffs, and having experienced Kasasa® at our previous bank, we began to search for a new bank that had the same Kasasa or similar benefits. The benefits that mean a lot to us included free checking, free ATM usage nationwide, and a high interest rate for the balance in our checking account. After searching the internet, we found that TS Bank not only had Kasasa, but was also very friendly and gave us personal service. Thank you, TS Bank. "

Duane and Donna Beekhuizen

"Many thanks to each of the TS Bank and TS Institute employees for their support, guidance, help, time and talent in launching a student bank at Rue Elementary. I was positively overwhelmed by the number of bank, school, community members and Rue parents who attended the bank open house. We have a great thing going with the TS Bank and TS Institute partnership — "You can bank on it!"

Trudy Evans Rue Elementary Principal

"I travel all over the world speaking, and TS Bank is the only bank in America that I've met that has a heart!"

Jon Pritikan 2012 TS Bank Promise Motivational Speaker, Feel the Power

"TS Bank is way more than a bank. It's an instigator of hope. The people that make it what it is are passionate about depositing resources into their communities' greatest asset, their students. I'm honored to partner with such a great organization that does such great things beyond its products and services."

Eric Samuel Timm Orator, Author, Artist Battling Darkness

"The TS Bank Tank event was wonderful, and it was an honor to participate with all of you. Your commitment to community, education, entrepreneurship and your industry is awesome. I know it is changing lives and businesses every day."

Rick Faber Vistage Chair

“Rock in Prevention is a special assembly with a message to help students make good choices, be a positive role model, and always say "No" to drugs, alcohol, and tobacco. It was a huge success this year! We really appreciate TS Bank and their generosity in helping sponsor this event for our youth.It is obvious that both the elementary students and those from the high school that help to facilitate the assembly benefit greatly. A number of seniors that have participated in Rock In Prevention have noted that it was one of the highlights of their high school career.”

Jann Strutzenberg, Treynor Elementary Guidance Counselor

"As a teacher, doing what is best for my students is what drives me. It's important that I do the very best I can so the kids in my 3rd gradeclass can get the best experience possible at school. So when I was asked to take the lead on the Franklin Jr. Jacket branch and partner with TS Bank and TS Institute, I was thrilled. This amazing opportunity would our help students become more financially literate, and I knew it was going to be what's best for all kids at Franklin. However, once I started this journey I soon realized it was more than just opening up a bank at our school. Not only did it promote financial literacy, but it improved our school's culture. It gave us a sense of pride. I couldn't ask for anything more than that! The partnership between Franklin and TS Bank/TS Institute is invaluable. Kyle, Bob, Patty and CeCe have been so wonderful to work with, and I find myself feeling lucky to join forces with them to give the students I teach this one of a kind opportunity. "

Chase Piper, 3rd Grade Teacher, Council Bluffs Community Schools

"I had such a great time at TS Promise, and I've already received a ton of positive feedback from students, staff and bank employees. The more I learned about TS Bank, the more I was blown away by your organization. Keep up the good work! You guys rock."

Kyle Scheele, Motivational Youth Speaker