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Finally, There’s a Simple Way to Switch Your Checking Account.

It’s Your Money, Switching Should Be Easy!

The Fast, Secure and Free Way to Switch Your Automatic Payments & Direct Deposits!

Now you can easily move recurring payments and direct deposits to a new account — all with the click of a mouse. With ClickSWITCH™ account information is transferred instantly — It’s fully automated, convenient and takes as little as 10 minutes.

How ClickSWITCH Works:

  1. Access TS Bank's ClickSWITCH portal here:
  2. Enter the SwitchTRACK code provided.
  3. Create your personal password.
  4. When prompted, enter your new password, and log in.
  5. Read and accept the terms of use, and you are ready to do switches.
  6. Click on your desired tab and follow the instructions to create and submit your switches.

ClickSWITCH Tools Ensure a Smooth Account Transition:

Switch SummaryView the progress and details of your requested switches.

Switch StatusTrack and see confirmation when your account has been switched to us.

Balance AssistAdvises you on approximately how much money to keep in your old account until the switch to TS Bank is complete, we suggest that you keep your old account open for 30 days to allow time for the switch to be confirmed and for checks and automated payments to clear.

Questions? Read our FAQs here.

CLICK HERE to get started!